Practice areas

Family law

Separations, divorces, affiliations, incapacities, and successions, among others.

Criminal law

Defence in the criminal field in general, advising the client in all phases of the procedure.

General administrative law

Advice and defence against the General Administration and the CASS (Andorran Social Security Fund), both judicially and extrajudicially.

General civil law

Advice in all civil areas, both judicial and extrajudicial, contracting in general, leases, horizontal property, real rights, etc.

Procedural law

Assistance and defence in judicial proceedings before the Courts in all areas described in each of the areas developed.


Specialization, qualifications, and training in mediation are available, in order to be able to develop it either independently and autonomously in the practice of law, or as a complement to it.

Insurance law

General scope of insurance in all areas, and in particular, civil liability, and contracts. Specializing in matters of civil liability for the construction sector, professional civil liability, claims in the field of residents’ association, movement of vehicles, among others.

Labor law

Assistance in all areas of work, both judicial and extrajudicial. Organization and updating of labor regulations and their evolution, preparation of contracts and staff and advice on the management and compliance with regulations, disciplinary proceedings, calculation of settlements for dismissal and business advice in general.

Commercial law

Advice in all areas of commercial law, contracts and companies, from the incorporation of a company or the opening of a business for the development of the client’s commercial activity, to the organization of the company’s positions and operation, adapting it to the eventual changes and evolution of the same.

Mercantile contracts with suppliers and customers specifically adapted to the specificity of the company and its commercial activity.